cp2 recordings

Morton Feldman: For John Cage

  Paul Zukofsky, violin
Marianne Schroeder, piano

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Feldman Schnabel
Morton Feldman: Spring of Chosroes
Artur Schnabel: Sonata for Violin and Piano

  Paul Zukofsky, violin
Ursula Oppens, piano

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John Cage: Chorals - Cheap Imitation - Freeman Etudes

  Paul Zukofsky, violin

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Schnabel Symphony 2
Artur Schnabel: Symphony No. 2

  Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Paul Zukofsky, conductor

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Dane Rudhyar: Five Stanzas
  Colonial Symphony

Arnold Schoenberg: Pelleas and Melisande, Op. 5
  Sinfóníuhljómsveit Æskunnar 
Paul Zukofsky, conductor

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Leifs Baldr
Jón Leifs: Baldr, Op. 34

  Sinfóníuhljómsveit Æskunnar
Söngsveitin Filharmónía
Paul Zukofsky, conductor

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Violin Works
Henry Brant: Quombex
  for 6-stringed viola d'amore and music boxes

Giacinto Scelsi: Anahit
  lyric poem for violin and small orchestra
Kenneth Moore, conductor

Stefan Wolpe: Second Piece for Violin Alone

Iannis Xenakis: Mikka, Mikka "S"
  for solo violin

John Cage: Nocturne for violin and piano

Philip Glass: Strung Out
  for amplified violin

Morton Feldman: Vertical Thoughts
  for violin and piano

Paul Zukofsky, violin  Gilbert Kalish, piano

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Schnabel Symphonies
Artur Schnabel: Symphony No. 1
  BBC Symphony Orchestra

Symphony No. 3
  Prague Symphony Orchestra
Paul Zukofsky, conductor

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Schnabel Orchestral works
Artur Schnabel: Dance and Secret & Joy and Peace
  for Chorus and Orchestra

The Gregg Smith Singers
A New York City free-lance orchestra
Paul Zukofsky, conductor

Sonata for Solo Violin
  Paul Zukofsky, violin

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Babbitt Septet but Equal
Milton Babbitt: Septet but Equal
  for three clarinets

Four Play
  for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano

Morton Feldman: Instruments 1
Three Clarinets, Cello, and Piano
  Composers Ensemble
Paul Zukofsky, conductor

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Armin Loos Sonata No. 2
John Cage: Sixteen Dances
  New Music Concerts, Toronto
Paul Zukofsky, conductor

Armin Loos: Sonata No. 2
  Paul Zukofsky, violin
Michael Torre, piano

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Roger Sessions Duo
Roger Sessions: Duo for Violin and Piano
Sonata for Violin

Peter Mennin: Sonata Concertante

Easley Blackwood: Second Sonata
  for Violin and Piano

Paul Zukofsky, violin
Gilbert Kalish, Easley Blackwood, pianos

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Shapey Reigger Piston Crumb etc.
Shapey · Riegger · Piston · Crumb · Sollberger · Berger

  Paul Zukofsky, violin

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Schnabel String Quartet
Artur Schnabel: String Quartet I
  The Whitman String Quartet

String Quartet IV
  A New York City Freelance String Quartet

Sonata for Cello
  Joel Krosnick, cello

CP2 115-6 (2 CD set)     View Liner Notes

Jo Kondo - Hagoromo
Jo Kondo: Hagoromo

  Teresa Shaw, mezzo soprano
Tomoko Shiota, narrator
Sebastian Bell, flute
London Sinfonietta
London Sinfonietta Voices
Paul Zukofsky, conductor

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J.S. Bach - Three Sonatas and Three Partitas
J.S. Bach: Three Sonatas and Three Partitas
BWV 1001-1006

  Paul Zukofsky, violin

CP2 118-9 (2 CD set)     View Liner Notes

Paganini - 24 Caprices
Paganini: 24 Caprices

Lamb, Joplin, Scott, Roberts, Woods, Hayden, Confrey: Ragtime

  Paul Zukofsky, violin
Robert Dennis, piano

CP2 120-1 (2 CD set)     View Liner Notes

Zygmunt Krauze: Aus aller Welt stammende

Toshi Ichiyanagi: Transfiguration of the Moon

John Cage: Hymnkus

Paul Zukofsky, violin
Mayumi Miyata, sho


CP2 122     View Liner Notes

Kondo - Mulberry
Jo Kondo: Mulberry - In the Woods - In Summer

Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra
Paul Zukofsky, conductor

Under the Umbrella


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Busoni Sonata
Ferrucci Busoni: Concerto for Violin in D Major, Op. 35A

Paul Zukofsky, violin
The New England Conservatory Orchestra
conducted by Frederik Prausnitz

CP2 124     View Liner Notes